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Before Birth

Pregnancy is a unique time in our life. There is so much to learn about the experiences that are coming...birth...breastfeeding...loving & caring for your newborn baby.


Although there is no way to know how you will experience motherhood until you're there, you can be prepared with knowledge and an understanding of what life may be like.


The Developing Mother provides an open, non-judgemental, and caring environment to learn and prepare yourself for the joys, challenges, and experiences of motherhood.


Before baby arrives, we offer:

Breastfeeding Plan workshop {2 hours}

Breastfeeding is a natural, but not automatic, process--and we learn better with support. We will discuss your breastfeeding goals, basic breastfeeding information, and strategies for success. In the comfort of your home, we will work together to develop a plan to support you in meeting your goals. After our session, I will formalize the document, with your identified goals and strategies, and email it to you.


Topics may include:

  • what breastfeeding does for our babies & us

  • what you can plan for in labor & birth to support breastfeeding

  • how breastfeeding works

  • how to establish a good supply from the beginning

  • milk expression and storage


$240 per individual/couple


{For more personalized support once your baby has arrived, consider the Breastfeeding Support visits.}

The 4th Trimester workshop {3 hours}

The 4th Trimester is an incredibly important time in our development, but can also be a very stressful time for mothers and families. We will discuss what to expect in the first three months, newborn care practices, and infant development. Worried you won't know what to do with a newborn? In the comfort of your home, I'll be able to answer your questions about all things baby...the good, the bad, and the poopy!


Topics may include:

  • coming home with baby (transitioning, infant care)

  • what's normal for baby

  • sleeping & safe sleep practices

  • feeding

  • elimination & diapering

  • soothing a crying baby

  • developmental milestones

  • mother's physical and mental health

  • role of other family members (fathers, partners, siblings, extended family)


$360 per individual/couple

$270 per individual/couple in a small group (2-4 families)


{For more personalized support once your baby has arrived, consider the 4th Timester Support visits.}

Back to Work Planning workshop {2 hours}

Whether full-time or part-time, returning to work will be another major transition for you and your baby. It usually requires quite a bit of planning for the transition to be as smooth as possible and help everyone adjust well. We will talk about your specific situation and your plans for you and your baby. Typically, these conversations will include both planning for child care and feeding transitions/pumping at work, but we will focus on the topics that you need support in.


In the comfort of your home, we will likely discuss:

  • child care options (center, home, friend & family)

  • child care quality

  • supporting the baby's transition to child care

  • feeding transitions

  • pumping at work

  • common challenges and solutions


$240 per individual/couple


I recommend scheduling this before the baby arrives, if possible. But you can absolutely benefit from taking this workshop even if you're about to return or have already returned to work and need help making it work for you and baby!



Private Consulation

Looking to focus on a specific topic or a different age?


I am available for consultation at your request. Simply contact me and we'll work together to meet your needs.

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