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The mission of The Developing Mother is to support women as they become mothers.

Becoming a mother is a defining moment in a woman's life. It is amazing. It is difficult. It causes a major shift in ourselves, our family, and our lifestyle.


Our process of becoming a mother begins when we first learn we're pregnant...and never really ends {so I hear from my mother}. I created The Developing Mother to provide evidence-based support to moms on the things that matter. Birth. Breastfeeding. Loving and caring for our baby. Figuring out how to balance it all. Creating the life you want.


So many mothers today need support beyond a book...beyond an OB...beyond a friend. The Developing Mother offers that support from a founder who is a professional and a mother of two beautiful daughters.


One-on-one. In your home. Customized to your needs and aspirations.


Contact me to start the conversation. I look forward to meeting you.



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