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What Do You Need?

The Developing Mother supports all women in their transition to motherhood by offering:

  • Coaching for mothers who feel stuck in their life and don't know how to create the life they truly want,

  • Support before the birth of your child to help prepare you with knowledge and understanding,

  • Support after the birth of your child to help you and your baby thrive.


My services are comprehensive and uniquely customized.

Personal & Professional Coaching

Coaching is about development--it develops your own potential and does not give goals from outside. Coaching is unique to the individual--it supports personal transformation based on goals that are important to you. Coaching challenges the assumptions you hold about your life, but it is not judgmental or instructional.


I have been drawn to coaching because so many mothers tell me they do not feel like they are living a life that fits, that reflects who they are and what they want. They want more for themselves and their family, but do not know how to figure out how to get it. I have experienced it, too, and am on the path myself!


If you would like to start creating a life that feels right and true for you, read more about my coaching practice for mothers.


Mom + Baby Support

Life with babies can be challenging--especially if you don't know what is normal for newborns or what to expect of your new life. There are prenatal classes offered everywhere, but these standardized trainings often don't apply to your situation.


Let me support you in your journey through early motherhood by offering information, planning and support both before and after baby arrives. My professional expertise, passion for supporting mothers and babies, and peaceful presence makes my services unique and invaluable.


If you would like support in your home customized to your life, read more about services I offer to support mom and baby before, during, and after birth.

Business Consulting

As a consultant, I support organizations of all types in changing their policies and practices to become breastfeeding friendly and truly support their employees who transition back to work after the birth of a baby.


With my expertise and experience in early care and education, I also support child care programs in supporting breastfeeding infants, their families, and the staff who care for them.


Once implemented, I assist the program in earning Florida's Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace/Facility Award.


Coaching & Business Consulting

  • wherever you are

  • via phone or online

Mom + Baby Services

  • wherever you are, online

  • or in your home in Miami-Dade County, FL      {or for an additional charge:  Broward County, FL and the Florida Keys}

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